Protecting Yourself from Burglary

Some Steps You Can Take To Secure Your Home, and Your Family

Protecting Your House From Thieves

For the majority of burglaries in homes, entry is gained by the use of unlocked garages and doors, or through the use of amounts of force such as breaking a window and reaching through to unlock the door.

Here are several tips to burglar-proof your home:


1. Keep your doors and windows locked

You would be surprised how many homeowners leave their windows or doors unlocked when they leave.  Don’t be that person.

2. Inspect the locking devices on all your windows

When inspecting your own current windows and doors notice the hardware handles and locks and consider replacing those pieces that no longer work or are easy to pry open.

3. Add auxiliary locks to sliding windows or doors

There are aftermarket lock systems from a locksmith you can add to the door or windows.

4. Window Sensors

Adding window sensors can be done with electronic devices that make loud noises.

5. Increase Visibility

Trimming bushes and other obstacles that block your windows will help increase outside visibility.  This gives fewer areas for trespassers to sneak into your home and break-in.  For a nighttime deterrent add motion sensing lights to the exterior.

6. Upgrade to New Windows

 You feel like the current windows and doors you own don’t meet your safety needs, we highly recommend that you consider replacing them.

Protecting Your Home From Thieves

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