Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows 

When you only have a certain portion of your budget to devote to repairs and renovations, you want to be sure that you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck. That means figuring out which repairs will be worth your money—which isn’t always immediately obvious.

For instance, you may think that a major improvement like a kitchen or bathroom remodel would be a sound investment. And who wouldn’t want a luxury whirlpool tub or a built-in glass cooktop? These kinds of renovations do add to your home’s value, but for the money you’ll spend, they’re not as smart of an investment as a more practical update, like a window replacement.

Of course, the market value is just one way of looking at an investment. If you consider your home’s energy efficiency when you purchase new windows, they offer potential savings on your monthly utility bills, as well. And beyond monetary returns, efficient windows also add to your home’s overall comfort—a value that’s immeasurable.


The specific value of your window replacement depends on your area’s market, as well as what kind of window and the type of window frame you choose to purchase. Vinyl window frames are cheaper than fiberglass and composite frames—the cost for replacing and installing a standard double-hung window with insulated vinyl runs between $550 and $1,000 per window. They also offer comparable energy efficiency to fiberglass and composite alternatives, and they’re much more durable than wood. Wooden window frames clad in aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass are also rated highly for attractiveness, but these tend to cost more, and the same windows as above would cost between $750 and $1150 each.